About Us

Our three principles: Privacy, Respect, Confidence

Our Value, our Philosophy and our ability to listen to your concerns will make your visit to Nutrition Health Center an experience that will lift up your expectations

Our Story

Arlette and Christelle had a Dream… A Dream of helping people transform the way they eat, have a peaceful relationship with food, and adopt healthier habits every single day, to live a happier life. They took the challenge, and the Dream came true. Newtrition came to life.

New challenge
New change

Our Beliefs

We are passionate about Nutrition and Health and are committed to working with you every step of the way to guide and support you towards a Healthier, Happier lifestyle. We believe that Honesty, Transparency are the keys to a relationship based on mutual trust. Based on our belief that you have potential to challenge a New ‘YOU’, we assist you in developing long term sustainable healthy habits that will help you live a long, disease –free, Healthy and Happy life.