Workout Tips

Diet Tips

Know more about the food that you can eat before workout with Newtrition!

Before 2 to 3 hours of the workout:
a. Complex carbohydrates like whole wheat, bread or brown rice
b. Little bit of protein easily digestible for anabolism for recovery and muscle growth, like a slice of turkey or hard boiled egg

Before 30 minutes of the workout:
a. Simple carbs to provide quick energy like Greek yogurt and dried fruits
b. Little protein for prevention

What to eat after workout:
1. Eat right after workout within 30 minutes
a. Protein to store back your energy and for a speedy muscle recovery like salmon, meat, eggs, cheese and beans
b. High complex carbohydrates like nuts to prevent fatigue and low blood sugar, and whole wheat bread or quinoa
2. Rehydrate as soon as possible to replenish the fluids you lost
3. Replace pre-workout supplements with real delicious meals and right snacks.